Update nodejs & npm on Ubuntu

May 24, 2017

Just use nvm and do not try other methods.


Redux 中的 reducer 到底是什么?

Mar 19, 2017


  • Action
  • Reducer
  • Store



Using Travis CI add 'auto build & publish' feature for your jekyll site on Github

Mar 10, 2017

Github Pages is very powerful and it’s free to use. Nowadays many developers deploy their blog & project pages on Github Pages using jekyll.

You’re free to use Github Pages Builder by default. But if you want to use additional plugins or other powerful features of jekyll, you’ll need to build your site locally and then push it to your Github repo.

And every time you update your site or add new posts, you’ll need to build it again and push it up again.

It’s very annoyinng and a waste of time.

Can’t we use some methods to make it automatically happen?

Of course we can!


How to set up Nginx reverse proxy for Blocked Websites

Mar 10, 2017

Today I’ll guide you the set up an nginx server to host mirrors for blocked websites.

So you can visit them freely in restricted areas.

You’ll need a server that can access those blocked websites as well as can be accessed by your local machine.

If you haven’t got one, follow the very first step of this former tutorial.


Use Atom as your Markdown editor

Feb 15, 2017

I’ve tested all the popular text/markdown editors on Valentine’s Day.


As a front-end developer who often write technical articles on github, I found that the best writing editor for me is Atom.

Baidu IFE warmup tasks solutions

Feb 15, 2017

IFE Answers


Use your imagination, you could even draw three lines to pass this task.