My Amazon Books Wish List

Feb 14, 2017

The Amazon wish list has many bugs.I even can not share it to my friends via URL.

So I use two lines JavaScript to convert them into markdown:

list = $$('h5 a')
list.forEach(function(link){console.log('* ['+link.innerText+']' + '('+link.href+')')})

Fix php strtotime bug on 32bit server

Feb 2, 2017

You may get an integer overflow bug if you’re using strtotime on a 32bit server.

This was the Y2K38 problem.

The UNIX timestamp will reach the int variable limitation on 32bit OS at 19 January 2038.

However, we can fix this bug by using a customized function:


How to set up your own shadowsocks

Nov 30, 2016




Recommended IOS Programming App

Oct 25, 2016

How to set up your own cloud storage

Oct 23, 2016

Vdisk shut down, 360yunpan shut down. It seems that we are losing every alternatives to store file on cloud. Buying more removable disk is not the solution. In fact, the best option is setting up your own cloud storage service.

Today I’m going to guide you to set up owncloud service. owncloud is an open source & free platform to store & share your files from all your devices(Including web/mobile/desktop). You could set it up for your own or share the service with your friends or family. I’d introduce you both ways to do so.


FreeCodeCamp 学习参考

Oct 9, 2016

FreeCodeCamp 中文网官方维基文档,内容较少,不过是目前少有的中文参考资料。

FCC 官方wiki文档,内容多而全,只要你稍有英文基础,在做题闯关中遇到的所有疑惑基本都可以在这里找到答案。